Thursday, 20 September 2018

Chuck Warren, Utah Businessman and Fundraiser

Chuck Warren Utah
Chuck Warren, Utah businessman has shown an ability to implement strategies that raise awareness and bring success to a variety of projects. For instance, he brought about regulatory changes that eliminated some of the worst financial practices in the industry. Among them were the types of practices that brought down the financial system in 2008. As the managing director for prominent consulting firm Silver Bullet, LLC, Chuck Warren has dealt with many issues in areas like public affairs, crisis communication and initiative qualifications for virtually any type of organization you can name, from large law firms to government agencies to global corporations.

To Chuck Warren, Utah is the best state in the union. When he was chosen by Republican Mia Love, as the campaign finance co-chair for her Congressional campaign for Utah’s 4th Congressional District, it was because of his record as a highly accomplished fundraiser as well as someone with the ability and the willingness to take on difficult assignments in a way that makes projects work in a way that brings the best results possible.